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CIS131 - Networking Technology

  • CIS131 is a course offered at ACC that is an introduction to networking. The objective of the course is to give practical real world networking. To learn teamwork, project management, and time management. To obtain an understanding of networking concepts and terminology.

CIS232 - Server Administration

  • CIS232 is a course offered at ACC that teachers Windows Server 2003 and Linux. Specific topic coverage includes:
  • Introduction to Windows Server 2003 and Linux
  • Managing Hardware Devices
  • Creating and Managing Users
  • Implementing and Managing Groups
  • Managing Access to Files
  • Managing Disk and Data Storage
  • Advanced File System Management
  • Implementing and Managing Printing
  • Implementing and Using Group Policies
  • Administering a Server
  • Monitoring Server Performance
  • Managing and Implementing Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Administering Web Resources
  • Security Basics.


  • These forums are a way that you can talk to your fellow students. Feel free to lok around, post a question, or answer anothers questions.


  • Casting from the Server Room - The tech podcast that friends and I cast from the server room. We cover tech news from the week and other tech tips that might prove useful. New episodes are recorded on Monday nights and available Tuesday morning.
  • CIS131 Podcast - The podcast for the CIS131 class. Each chapter is covered as a podcast so you can review the material.


  • VB Scripts - This is a collection of scripts that I have written. They may prove to be useful to you. There is absolutely no warranty with these scripts and you use them at your own risk. I am not responsible for any harm that may result from these scripts. By downloading any script from this page you are agreeing.


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