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This site has four different sections as outlined below:

  • ACC Material
  • Podcasts
  • Forums
  • Scripts

The ACC material is broken down into two sections, the new site and the old site. The new site is contained in this wiki. The wiki has advantages over the old sites, such as the ability to search and formated printing. The old site is still available for anyone who wants to view it.

The Podcasts are used for different reasons. Some are my own personal podcasts, and some are for the classes I teach. You can subscribe to the podcast using the RSS feed, or you can listen from the web page using the built in flash player.

The forums are available to my students to exchange information with each other about class topics and other tech topics.

The scripts section contains VB Scripts that I have written in the past that I wanted to have access to from anywhere. Fell free to use them at your own risk.

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